Alid Textile Machinery Technology Company

  • A
    Technical Ability
    ◇ More professional technical consultation anduse plan;
    ◇ Sustainable energy management;
    ◇ More efficient technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction.
  • B
    System solutions
    ◇ The high reliability and low nature of the operation process;
    ◇ Higher operational performance;
    ◇ Technical trends and technical support;
    ◇ Excellent product quality standard.
  • C
    Post-sale service
    ◇ Customer oriented service solutions;
    ◇ Preventive maintenance and eliminate obstacles;
    ◇ Rapid on-site service;
    ◇ Customer training.
  • D
    Development partnership
    ◇ Highly effective professional skills;
    ◇ Always focus on customers;
    ◇ Reliability and integration;
    ◇ Large amount of boilerplate equipment and boilerplate factory;
    ◇ Good reputation and long-term customer relations;
    ◇ Target specific development cooperation.
  • Credit rating AAA
  • High-tech Enterprises
  • Respect contract and keep promise with enterprise